Ethical and socially responsive business

As far as ethics and social responsibility in business organizations is concerned, there are many high standards and principles business entity should put in place in order to be and maintain success in all its operations.  All of this standards describing in Studymoose.com service works. Essentially, for businesses to perform efficiently and live to the set goals and objectives, they outline their expectations in form of code of conduct. This ensures that there are set guidelines that guide behaviors and interactions amongst different stakeholders in such organizations.

A code of conduct refers to a document written by a company that defines the ethical standards of the business unit and its purpose is to provide employees with information on how to handle issues in the organization. In the same manner, Chipotle restaurant is not left behind in implementation of ethical measures in its organization (Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., 2010). As the CEO of the company I advice my employees that it is of importance to understand that although our major goal is to make profits, as a team we should ensure that we uphold and promote ethical and social responsibility in the organization and to our immediate community respectively.

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Key areas of Chipotle’s code of conduct

Although there are different areas in which Chipotle Company assumes ethical and social responsibility, this paper will handle the major three aspects of ethic and social responsibility in the company as follows:


Chipotle Company is an organization that believes in the rule of ethical conducts and social responsibility. With this the company all operations within its environs are based on integrity. In this viewpoint, integrity refers to the ability of all employees to be real and honest. This is depicted by being able to behave as per the company’s guidelines even if no one is watching (Chipotle Mexican Grill, 2010). In the company’s code of conducts, the integrity statement t is well stated and in it, you will find the values and the expectations of the entity. This section explains the outlook and the measures that Chipotle takes in the event of conflicts of interests and unethical behavior by laying out the expectation s of the company and giving directs to whom integrity issues should be addressed.

Guidelines on protection and the use of company’s assets

Concerning Chipotles assets, there is a section in the company’s code of conduct that offers guidelines in this perspective. Concisely, individuals are not supposed to use any Chipotles property, information as well as personal position in the organization for personal gain. All individuals in the company are entitled with the responsibility to protect the company’s assets and in all means ensure their efficient use. As stated in the statement, Chipotles employees should report any cases of fraud or theft of the company’s assets. As the CEO of this organization, I expect all employees to adhere to this statement as theft, mishandling of our property, as well as wastage have direct impact on our profitability.

As per the code of conduct in the company, use of the organizations equipments and supplies for non-business endeavors is prohibited although in some incidental cases, personal use is allowed. To the company, this is important in that it helps protect the available assets from theft and misuse hence retaining the current profits as well as ensuring future success. This is the most significant part of Chipotles’ code of conducts as it ensures proper handling of property, which is critical for business growth.

Chipotles ethical perspective of confidential information

As pertains confidential information in Chipotles Company, involved stakeholders are not entitled to the use of the company’s proprietary or confidential information for Chipotles disadvantage or personal gain. In addition, the improper use of the company’s name, trademarks, logo or intellectual property is prohibited. Moreover, confidential information about the company should not be leaked to outside parties as well as inside employees who have no need to know about it. In this section of the code, it explains the need to keep crucial information confidentially hence protecting the company from potential threats and damages that accrue as a result of information leakage. To ensure this is practicable, employees sign confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreement before they start their careers with the company.

Steps that Chipotle should take to ensure that their stakeholders adhere to the code of conduct

As the CEO of Chipotle Company, I believe that the company should present and provide the related information to all employees ate the recruitment and orientation stage. This will ensure that every employee has a wide knowledge of the code before he or she starts working with our organization. In addition, the company should put it as rule that all employees must read and understand the code of conduct and assess this through conducting a mandatory test. This will force every individual to take action to read and understand every aspect of the code.

Ways in which the Chipotle can engage in socially responsive activities

First, for the company to be socially responsible it should be involved in philanthropy. This means that it will be involved in communal monetary contributions that in a broad spectrum provide aid to local charitable activities (Sims, 2003). This will act as an endeavor to assist and improve the quality of the underserved and the impoverished in the society through improving educational and health conditions among many other activities.
Secondly, the company should get involved in social education and awareness. This will be achieved through the use of positioning as well as the media and the internet to expose the potential harmful activities of the business. With this, the company will be able to create an educational dialogue for the public by developing social awareness platform.

Lastly, Chipotle should get involved in community development adventures. This will only happen if the company is aligned with appropriate institutions to create better working and living environments. For instance, the company can initiate a community education plan that will be viewed as an asset for the community it serves. Through this Chipotle will be developing a positive public image.


In the present business world, it is of importance to act in an ethical and socially responsible manner as a company. Chipotle being one, it should ensure that it conducts its operations responsibly by ensuring every stakeholder adheres to its code of conduct. This will help develop a positive public image hence increasing chances of survival and success.


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