Academic Writing

Content: All the written substance in a document In academic writing the purpose, audience, tone and content are important cause without one the writers point will not be expressed to it s full content. The writer has to have a purpose or they will not have a subject to write about. Having a purpose is like the hart of it all because if there was not a purpose there would not be a story or a reason. When writing a writer has to think about what age will be reading his work which then will in tell how he or she is going to word there story or subject.

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If a writer did not think of the GE of his or her readers then one would not have the vocabulary, understanding or the meaning of what is being read to them or what they are reading. When a writer writes a story it will be different then when he or she writes to friends and family. The tone is the attitude of what is being written. It is suppose to captivate the readers to make them want to continue reading till the end. With tone the writer can also express feeling and emotion by the way they use their choice affords and exclamations.

The content impacts he readers feel about the subject at the end of the story or subject that IS being written about. They should be able to follow your story easily, it should flow together like a poem the story should inform them of the subject, and should not leave them with any questions at the end. In academic writing it is important to have the purpose, audience, tone, and content in your writing because they all work with each other to make a successful and interesting story or subject.

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