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There are similarities and differences. which exist between virtuousness. utilitarianism. and deontological ethical theories. I will supply an account of each theory every bit good as a description of the differences in how each theory addresses moralss and morality. From childhood to adulthood. Peoples have lived through many experiences. I will touch briefly on a personal experience to demo the relationship between virtuousness. values. and moral constructs as they relate to one of the theories.

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Get downing with Virtue moralss. “it is besides called agent-based moralss. Its place is that we become good when we cultivate excellence ( virtuousness ) by prosecuting the moderate class between extra and defect” ( Boylan. Pg 208. 2009 ) . An illustration of this is by stating that a individual who has a certain occupation or calling can accomplish excellence if he or she make the witting determination to make what it takes to acquire at that place. Utilitarianism defined is “the theory that suggests that an action is morally right when that action produces more entire public-service corporation for the group as a effect than any other option does. ” Utilitarianism has an single put the entity before his or herself. for the greater good of the squad. work-center. or corporation. By understanding one’s place in that entity. recognizing at the minute there is person better suited to carry through a undertaking. the useful volitionally would offer the undertaking to the more qualified individual. The Deontological theory. suggest. “that an agents responsibility is based up rule.

The theory bases its responsibilities on the nature of human ground or on the nature of human action. It asserts the being of moral facts and so is a moral realist theory. ” An illustration of this theory would be the actions given to the constabulary force. Policemans have a responsibility to continue the jurisprudence even if it means taking another individuals life at will. Normally when warranted. the effects of taking another individuals life are justified by their responsibility to continue the jurisprudence.

Under virtuousness theory. moralss and morality are addressed by inquiring how do we find if a individual is good or non. Do we give ourselves clip to acquire to cognize a individual or do we find the good in a individual based on their Acts of the Apostless. Is it just to judge a individual on Acts of the Apostless entirely? Understanding that some persons may see things different from others describes morality. Morality is addressed by virtuousness to understand what one individual thinks is ethically good or non may non be right or incorrect to another. Utilitarianism addresses moralss and morality by puting the good of the group at the head. Utilitarianism would be a group of citizens believing in the same end for the good of the squad. For this to be. each citizen in the group has the same beliefs and expression for toward the same result. There is no inquiry of right and incorrect or the greater good. They all follow a set criterion for what they perceive to be the best action for the squad.

Deontology Theory addresses moralss and morality by taking the bid action as it asks the inquiry. “when does acknowledgment of moral responsibility get down? ” ( Boylan. Pg. 173. 2009 ) . The dominating undertaking for this theory applies to those with a responsibility to move upon. For illustration. the president of the USA has a responsibility to protect the state from all enemies. His place would fall into this theory whereas his personal thought may be as a useful or of virtuousness. Based on the place there may be a demand to carry through a certain responsibility under the deontological theory.

A personal experience that I could associate to one of these theories would be the legalisation of abortion. Although I believe a individual should hold the right to an abortion. I do non believe the act itself is right. I besides think it depends on the ground. I went through a state of affairs in which a friend was pregnant and did non desire to hold an abortion. nevertheless. take to make so because of her fiscal state of affairs. Ethically she made a pick that was hers to make so but the moral to make so was incorrect I feel based on her logical thinking. Automatically I would state her values to the state of affairs were approximately herself merely and non about what she was destructing.

Comparing the Virtue. Utilitarianism. and Deontology theories provided some similarities and differences. An account was given for these theories every bit good as a description of the ethical and moral differences of each. Last. a personal experience was provided detailing how the relationship between virtuousness. values. and moral constructs related to the theories.

Boylan. M. ( 2009 ) . Basic Ethics ( 2nd ed. ) . Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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