How to write a best selling book

Perhaps in the near future, you can be a famous best-selling book writer like J. K. Rolling. Smokers: lay out story, target group, attractive, fancy idea. How to write a best-selling book Writing a best-selling book request you to spare no effort from designing the idea of story to the lay outing the story. Survey to determine the target group, which group people is your main readers, children, teenager, mid;class or the old. F-mind out the popular topic among them and start thinking an interesting idea of your book to attract this target group.

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Take an example (the following is the general, for everybody): Before writing 1 Combine adventure, fantasy, and inspiration into one, bold and strange idea, challenge the limitation of human being’s imagination. 2 Reject the truth and old common sense. Just write as you think. 3 Don’t forget the most important point that you are writing a best-selling book instead of an excellent book which worth world’s reading but few people read them except the scholars and those who are busy in preparing their graduation thesis. Don’t get your own personal life involved because that would limit your imagination and creativity. 5 Remember that the readers are stupid but you should be good enough to persuade them that your book and your story is worth their believing. In the book 1 Create an attractive character or a mysterious division or a beauty who gave up her true love or over natural creature like vampire, witch or an island where is full of scary legends.

When you are about to end the story, make an atmosphere of sadness for them to go over. 3 Focus on some details which can touch readers heart. 4 Make a spot on the super high way, and make it poetic and magic. 5 Add some delicious food description in some scenes especially in some dreary scenes. 6 Miracle happen here to make reader renewed their hope of life and they will appreciate and admire you and even worship you. 7 Includes some less well-known place name which make mysterious feeling.

For different target group Of people For children: Some scary entertaining which arouse their curiosity or some hero story to give something for their great worshiping. 2 For adults: Some unrealistic but have enough power to stimulate the hope of the life at the bottom of heart miracle. For example: Make them feel that kind of thing happen and maybe someday that will happen to you. Like the rich beauty handsome tall fall in love with you for the first sight. Like you got to the highest level by accident. 3 For the old: Write some legend happening quite a long time ago in their period.

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