Revolutionizing Filipino Mindsets Essay

National consciousness among Filipinos is faced with a batch of challenges today. There is a demand to revolutionise mentalities and one large factor that has a large impact in the procedure of radical mentalities is the Media. It is unfortunate that a batch of what the media shows to the public represses transmutation. A batch of soap operas that are being shown are remakings of western 1s which are normally Korean or Mexican. Merchandises like nutrient and appliances that are being endorsed are frequently western trade names. In the intelligence. a batch of political issues are centered on corruptness doing the Political universe of the Philippines really controversial.

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With all these that represses transmutation. there is besides a lifting motion in the procedure of revolutionising mentalities. A batch of local commercials or advertizements are utilizing constructs that depict Filipino civilization. Examples would be the “Lucky Soda” crackers that shows the Filipino value of hating-kapatid ; Nestle: 100 old ages na pag-ibig ; “Alaska” with the construct of fiesta sa baryo ; Blend 45: Gising Pinoy ; Modess: Makabagong Pilipina.

A lifting figure of Television series are lending to the transmutation such as “MagTV sodium: atin to! ” having the different landmarks and civilizations around the Philippines ; “Jessica Soho” and “Rated K” having non merely interesting narratives and subjects related to the Filipino civilization or heritage but besides the modern Filipinos of today ;

The channel IBC 13 has a batch of shows associating to Filipino consciousness: “Cooltura” which feature assorted landmarks around the Philippines including the rich civilization of the Philippines ; “Tipong Pinoy” . “Landmarks” and “Balay. Tirahan. Kanlungan” having landmarks around the Philippines together with the rich history that is attached to the topographic point. In the intelligence. Filipino accomplishments around the universe. large or little are being given accent.

The Filipino people should be made cognizant that cultural individuality is an unfulfilled plus for national development. Motions that help transmutation should be supported and be given much importance to continue our civilization and to rouse the national consciousness of Filipinos.

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